Question: Is Eris app safe?

How do I delete my Eris account?

Easy, go to Account Settings on the top left menu of any page. Once there, click on the Deactivate your profile there will be checkbox which allows you to deactivate and hide your profile so you are no longer visible in search results. Not to worry you can always re-activate your account later.

What are the best 100 percent free dating sites?

9 Best 100% Free Online Dating Sites (2021)Match. BEST. Match is the king of dating sites, having launched in 1995 and facilitated more dates, relationships, and marriages than any of its competitors. EliteSingles. BEST. Zoosk. BEST. SilverSingles. BEST. eharmony. BEST. ChristianMingle. BEST. OurTime. BEST. BlackPeopleMeet. BEST.More items •4 Jun 2020

Do companies actually delete your data?

Companies must delete data upon request if data is no longer necessary. If personal data that was collected by a company about an individual is “no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which [it was] collected,” the company typically must honor a right to be forgotten request.

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