Question: Do people still use QQ in China?

As a matter of fact, QQ is still alive… but mostly on teenagers smartphones. QQ has a staggering 800 million monthly active users, 200 million fewer than its sibling WeChat. But ironically, WeChats dominance has given QQ a new life: Teenagers have flocked to QQ because their parents and relatives are all on WeChat.

Tencent QQ: Former Chinese Chatting Champion While WeChat has taken over and become the market leader, QQ is still a popular messaging platform in China. This Chineses messaging app remains most popular with younger users, who feel safe from the prying eyes of their parents on the platform.

QQ is also popular in the workplace. To give you an example, the team in Juwai.coms Shanghai office uses QQ during the work day more than WeChat. They like its ease of use and facility for transmitting large files like images and video. Many celebrities use also QQ and Qzone to communicate with fans.

Is Skype Banned in China?

China. The Ministry of Public Security reported that a number of voice over internet protocol apps do not comply with local laws and has since removed Skype from the app store in China, though it is not widely used by domestic consumers.

Is Viber banned in China?

Since 2014, Viber, like many other similar services, is blocked in China. Therefore, your only option to access Vibers services without restrictions during your stay in China is to acquire a service that allows you to get around blocking, such as a VPN.

Which app is most used in China?

As of March 2021, Tencents instant messenger service, WeChat, was the most popular mobile app in China with over one billion monthly active users (MAU). Its older sibling, QQ, was the sixth placeholder with about 639 million MAU.

Who is WeChat owned by?

Tencent WeChat was developed by and belongs to Chinese tech behemoth Tencent, one of the most valuable companies in the world. Other names in the Tencent stable include QQ Messenger and Tencent Music. Though it started as a simple messenger platform, WeChat has become far more than that.

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