Question: Who does Kendall end up with?

At the end of the episode it is revealed that Kendall thought he and Jo were together so he thought he didnt have to ask and they are then confirmed as a couple.

Who does James end up with in BTR?

By the end of the episode Lucy placed James (and Carlos) in the friend-zone. In season 4 James is still seen flirting with her. In Big Time Dreams James and Lucy end up together.

Did Lucy leave the Palm Woods?

She ends up leaving The Palm Woods after she learns that Kendall didnt want to start fresh with her. In Big Time Double Date it shows that she lied to her parents by saying that she is studying and performing classical music.

What episode does Jo leave Kendall?

Big Time Break-Up Big Time Break-Up is the 20th episode of Season 2 of Big Time Rush and is the 40th episode overall. It aired on June 25th 2011.

What episode does Jo return in BTR?

Big Time Surprise Big Time Surprise may count as a special just like Big Time Break-Up. Jo Taylor (Katelyn Tarver) makes a return in this episode. Menendez Joe tweeted a pic of Jo and Kendall playing hockey on a future episode. Jo returns in this episode so this episode is the one that was known by fans as Big Time Jo Returns.

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