Question: Who is Bobby Flay dating at the moment?

Is Bobby Flay dating Helene York?

But he didnt stop there. Flay then went on to spill the piping hot tea that Yorke had allegedly kicked me to the curb. So, thats that on that. As it turns out, that mystery man is now Yorkes fiancé. She announced on Twitter this Valentines Day that she had said yes to his proposal.

Who is Giada De Laurentiis dating right now?

De Laurentiis, whos been married once before, has found love with her boyfriend, producer Shane Farley (via People); Flay, a notorious playboy per Delish, has been married and divorced three times.

What happened with Bobby Flay and Helene Yorke?

Bobby Flay confirmed their split on his show Beat Bobby Flay Almost one month later, Flay confirmed (against his will, basically) that he and Yorke had broken up for good. In fact, he says he was kicked to the curb, as reported by People magazine in 2019.

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