Question: What is the biggest anime fandom?

Which anime has the biggest fanbase?

The 7 Most Popular Anime SeriesNaruto Shippuden. Masashi Kishimoto/Shippuden/NMP. One Piece. Funimation Productions. Fairy Tail. Hiro Mashima/Funimation Productions. Pokemon. The Pokemon Company. Dragon Ball Z. Shueisha, Inc./Funimation Productions. Sailor Moon Crystal. Toei Animation/PNP. of 07. Bleach.14 Apr 2019

What is the most toxic anime fandom?

Naruto – the most toxic anime fandom ever.

How large is the anime fandom?

Its probably around hundreds of milions. that would be too much. Are you including the casual viewers like those who only watch a handful of shows or whats on TV? If yes, then there are several millions, probably 2 or 3 digit millions.

What are the most toxic fandoms?

10 most toxic fandoms in the globe in 2021Swifties (Talyor Swift fandom) Zack Snyder fans. Rick and Morty fans. Metalheads. Football fans. Nintendrones. BTS Army. Star Wars fandom.More items •13 Aug 2021

Who is the prettiest girl in Naruto?

Beautiful and Strong, Here are the 11 Most Amazing Ladies in Kushina Uzumaki. She is famous with her hot-blooded personality during her youth, Kushina also has an extraordinary chakra and power as the member of Uzumaki clan. Hinata Hyuuga. Temari. Sakura Haruno. Konan. Mei Terumi. Kurotsuchi. Tsunade.More items

What is the most toxic country?

With the highest recorded air pollution levels, Saudi Arabia took the top spot as the worlds most toxic country, followed by Kuwait in second and Bahrain in third.

Who has the craziest fandom?

What are the top 10 craziest fandoms? Directioners A Directioner is a super fan of the British/Irish boy band called “One Direction”. The Beliebers. Five Nights at Freddys Fandom. Pokemon Genwunners. Sonic fans. SkyDoesMinecraft Fans.2 Jun 2021

Why is kirito hated?

there is many more to go on he make more mistakes he show more flaw and he lose more friends and he made even more and bigger sacrifices as the show goes on Hating things is fun. Kirito is not unlikable by any means but his character is

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