Question: Why are there so many bodies at Stonehenge?

How many bodies were found at Stonehenge?

The cremated remains of more than 50 individuals were first excavated from Stonehenge in the 1920s. They were discovered in a series of 56 pits known as Aubrey Holes in the inner circumference of the monument.

How many burials were located at Stonehenge and how were they buried?

Over 50 bodies in the form of cremation deposits were dug up in the 20th century, but unfortunately, only three have actually been kept in the museum. The remainder got buried back in one of the holes in Stonehenge in 1935 because no museums were at all interested or prepared to take the finds.

Is Stonehenge a mass grave?

Burial at Stonehenge was likely for people of higher status. The pit was excavated in the 1920s by archaeologist William Hawley who reburied them for safe-keeping, in what has been described as an undifferentiated mass. As a result, the fragments have become co-mingled - or mixed up.

Why are they digging a tunnel under Stonehenge?

The tunnel is intended to replace a congested road that disrupts the landscape around the site, but some argue that the plans will cause irreparable damage to archaeological deposits. While digging near ancient history may seem like an obviously bad idea, the case isnt clear-cut.

Will Stonehenge be destroyed?

“The world heritage site where Stonehenge sits is over 5km long but the tunnel is under 3km. This means a dual carriageway will emerge from both portals within this unique and protected landscape,” he said. “There will be almost total destruction of all archaeological remains within its path.”

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