Question: What are the customs of marriage in Afghanistan?

In Afghan weddings, the bride and groom are traditionally kept in separate rooms. The bride is represented in the Nikah by her father or a close male relative. The Nikah is negotiated before the mullah between the groom and brides representative. The groom is asked three times if he accepts the terms of the marriage.

Why do Afghans wear green for nikkah?

In the amazing Afghan culture, women must wear either a green or red dress on their wedding day. The one that is most often seen is green which symbolizes wealth and good fortune. Green is also the main color of the fields surrounding Afghanistan due to its vividness and abundance throughout all seasons.

How do you ruin a wedding?

10 ways you could accidentally ruin a wedding day for the brideInterrupt the ceremony by arriving late. Wear a white/cream/ivory outfit. Stir up family tensions. Bring an uninvited Plus One. Post photos to social media after being asked not to. Object to the wedding. Get engaged or announce your pregnancy at the wedding.More items •27 Aug 2016

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