Question: Is Momo popular in China?

Momos positive financial results and steady growth of monthly active users indicate that the app is one of the most popular social networking and entertainment platforms in China. In March 2018, the company acquired Chinas largest dating app Tantan and further improved its long-term growth prospects.

Is Momo big in China?

Momo (้™Œ้™Œ) Momo is, by far, the most popular Chinese dating app and by the number of users this mobile app is only second to WeChat. Nevertheless, when it comes to Chinese dating apps, Momo is the first one that comes to mind of most singles in China.

Who did Momo date?

Personal life. On January 2, 2020, Label SJ and JYP Entertainment confirmed that Momo was dating Kim Hee-chul from the group Super Junior.

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