Question: Why do pellet stoves need outside air?

The use of an Outside Air Kit may not be required in certain cases, but it is highly recommended in all installations. An Outside Air Kit feeds uninterrupted combustion air into your appliance from outside your home, helping to maintain proper air/fuel balance and ensure even burning.

Does a pellet stove need a fresh air intake?

Waste air from a pellet stove must be vented to the outside of a home using a suitable form of flue, either within a masonry chimney, internally within a home or externally up an outside wall. Pellet stoves do not typically always require a direct vent for fresh air intake.

Does a pellet stove make the air dry?

Modern pellet-burning stoves can be a nice winter warmer for the living area in your home; but like all wood-burning devices, they can dry the air. Humidity below 30 percent can cause problems for some people, including dry skin, upper respiratory discomfort and sinus problems.

Can you heat water on a pellet stove?

This is a question that were often asked and were pleased to say that that answer is yes! It does this via the integral boiler which has the benefit of a quiet operation boiler and 3.8kW to the hot water circuit.

Can you boil water on a pellet stove?

Can You Boil Water On A Pellet Stove? The body of a pellet stove typically doesnt get hot enough to be able to boil water.

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