Question: Which is the electronic city in Karnataka?

The Electronics City which is also known as Electronic City is a town in the Anekal Taluk of the Bangalore Urban district in Karnataka. It located at a distance of around 18 km on the Hosur Road from the centre of Bangalore.

What is the name of Electronic City?

Bangalore Electronic City is an information technology hub in Bangalore, India, located in Anekal taluk. It is one of Indias largest electronic/IT industrial parks, spread over 800 acres (3.2 km²) in Konappana Agrahara and Doddathogur villages.

Which district is Electronic City?

Electronics City is located in district Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA.

Is Electronic City Bangalore rural or urban?

The city of Bangalore is situated in the Bangalore Urban district. The district has 17 hoblies, 668 villages, 9 municipal corporations, and five talukas. Electronics City is situated in Anekal Taluka. The district had a population of 6,537,124 of which 88.11% is urban as of 2001.

Is Electronic City good place to live?

Electronic City is a very good locality. It is near to schools, colleges, hospitals and markets. It has good connectivity to roads and railway stations.

Is electronic city safe?

Electronic City is a very safe & best locality. It is well connected by trains, buses and public transports. Calm residential area.

Which area is Bangalore North?

The area of North Bangalore includes areas of Banaswadi, HBR Layout, Hebbal, Hennur, Jakkur, Jalahalli East & West, Peenya Industrial Ares, Sanjeevani Nagar, Yeshwant Pur.

Is Electronic City safe?

Electronic City is a very safe & best locality. It is well connected by trains, buses and public transports. Calm residential area.

Which part of Bangalore is growing fast?

Thanisandra. Thanisandra is one of the fastest growing areas in North Bangalore. This area, in particular, has seen an astounding boom in the residential and commercial real estate development. All the achievements of this area are credited to its well-planned infrastructure.

Which city is known as Blue City?

Jodhpur Jodhpur is second largest city in the Indian state of Rajasthan and has long been a popular destination among international tourists. However, surprisingly few visitors know the origins of its sobriquet, “the blue city”.

Which city is called cotton city of India?

Mumbai is called the cotton polis because it was the home of textile mills in England. Mumbai due to its high humidity was ideal for setting up cotton textile mills and at one time there were 130 textile mills in Bombay.

Which city is known as cotton city?

The city of Manchester, England, well known as the worlds first industrial city, is known by the name of “Cottonopolis” and in the nineteenth century, it was the home of the cotton industry in Britain. It was also famous as “Cotton City”.

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