Question: How can I meet my pen pal in prison?

How do prison pen pals work?

Your penpal writes to their address, and they will email you a scan of their reply letter for about $1 per letter, plus $25 annual fee. Incarcerated members in Federal prisons can access this basic email service. It will email you when you have a message in your inbox, for an additional fee.

What is a pen pal prison?

A prison penpal refers to an inmate who is in regular correspondence with a non-incarcerated person.

Are prison pen pals a good idea?

Pen pals can offer prisoners “a better outlook on life and gives them a connection to something positive,” says Lovell. “Its a social connection to a world they will one day be released to.”

Can you have a penpal in prison?

Yes—you can write prisoners even if you dont know them, as long as you have the address of the prison, the inmates name, and ID. Its also possible to visit inmate pen pals and send them care packages.

Why do prisoners want penpals?

Prisoners said having a pen pal helped them: feel less isolated, make changes to their self-identity, boost their happiness through having a distraction from the routine of prison life, and.

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