Question: Who was Cougar Town married to in Season 3?

Grayson, his daughter Tampa and her mother. At the start of season 3, Grayson proposed to Jules, who gladly accepted. They got married soon after, and later moved in together in Jules house, while Grayson sold his.

Does Jules get married in Cougar Town?

She was 19 and had just started college when she got pregnant. Soon afterwards she dropped out and married Bobby Cobb, with him she had their son, Travis. They get engaged, and later marry in season three.

Why was Bobby not in the last season of Cougar Town?

According to TVLine, Brian Van Holt, whos played Bobby Cobb since the shows premiere in 2009, will leave the comedy after its sixth season premiere. A source tells the site that the premature departure is because Van Holt wants to pursue other opportunities.

Who does Lori end up with in Cougar Town?

She eventually realizes she has feelings towards Travis near the end of the fourth season, and she reveals this to him. The two share their first kiss in the season finale. As of season 5, they are officially a couple.

Do Travis and Laurie get together in Cougar Town?

Cougar Town Finale: Travis And Laurie Finally Share An Awkward First Kiss (VIDEO) With Children.” This time, though, they didnt let the interruption stop them as the fledgling couple sealed the deal with a kiss.

What were they drinking on Cougar Town?

- The characters on Cougar Town drink wine. A lot of wine. Often. The series central character, Jules (Courteney Cox) drinks wine out of an enormous goblet she calls Big Carl.

Was busy pregnant on Cougar Town?

On finding out her character on Cougar Town is pregnant at end of season 5: Since I, Busy Philipps, was just pregnant in real life -- IRL the kids say -- I was a little bummed because I just spent half of season 4 hiding my pregnancy and then all of season 5 losing my baby weight on camera.

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