Question: Is there life after widowhood?

What do widows do with their time?

Moving into Stage 2 (growth), a widow takes care of financial business beyond the basics: updating her will and beneficiary forms, evaluating investments for appropriateness, making necessary changes with insurance coverage, deciding whether to stay in her house or relocate, and considering pre- or post-retirement

What are some of the negative effects of widowhood?

According to the authors, at baseline marriage was associated with a more favorable health profile than widowhood, and women who were recent widows (widowed in the past year) reported substantially higher rates of depressed mood, poorer social functioning, and lower mental health and physical functioning than the women

Is Divorce worse than widowhood?

That when youre divorced, your memories of your marriage are poisoned. That when youre divorced, your children are more likely to get divorced. Losing a (child, spouse, sibling, parent) is so much worse than losing a (parent, sibling, spouse, child) or (Divorce, death) is much worse than (death, divorce).

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