Question: How do I login to the Daily Telegraph?

How do I get in touch with The Telegraph?

You can contact us by telephone on the Telegraph General Switchboard at +44 20 7931 2000. Access to our email services and to some areas of the Site is restricted to users who have registered their details with us.

Can I read The Telegraph on my laptop?

Its exclusively for our subscribers and brings you both the latest news and the digital version of the Daily and Sunday Telegraph newspapers, available to download from 5am. If youre currently reading this on a desktop computer, open the app store on your phone or tablet and search for The Telegraph UK.

How do I send a letter to The Daily Telegraph?

Letters to the Editor Letters for publication in The Daily Telegraph can be emailed to Letters for publication in The Sunday Telegraph can be emailed to Please include name, address, and work and home telephone numbers.

What type of paper is The Daily Telegraph?

The Daily TelegraphWas, is, and will beTypeDaily newspaperFormatBroadsheetOwner(s)Telegraph Media GroupEditorChris Evans12 more rows

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