Question: Is au pairing a good idea?

If you like taking care of the school-aged kids, want to go to another country to learn a new culture and improve your English, being an au pair is totally worth it. However, you have to do light housekeeping and work for 30 hours per week for pocket money.

Is it worth being an au pair?

Hosting an Au Pair is a great idea, especially if you need flexibility, have at least one child, care about your money, and are concerned with preparing your child for a global society. Your family should consider hosting an Au Pair, depending on your individual needs and expectations.

What are the pros and cons of being an au pair?

Is hosting an au pair the right decision for your family?Pro # 1: flexibility. Pro # 2: competitive cost. Pro # 3: trust. Pro # 4: cultural exchange. Con #1: loss of privacy. Con #2: longer adjustment period. Con #3: bigger emotional investment. Con #4: communication hurdles.12 Sep 2018

Is being an au pair a good job?

Its a fact that more and more employers in the U.S.– and around the world– are looking to hire “global talent.” And, believe it or not, being an au pair abroad is a fantastic way to increase your own “global talent.” Even a stint as a short term au pair abroad can not only contribute to your personal growth, but also

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