Question: Where is Brother Eli Soriano now?

According to his official profile, “religious persecution” forced Soriano to leave the Philippines in 2004. “At present, Brother Eli has settled in Brazil where his global evangelization efforts are also in full swing.”

What happened to bro Eli Soriano?

Soriano died on February 10, 2021, in Santa Catarina, Brazil at the age of 73. The Members Church of God International released a statement on the same day announcing his demise, but did not state his cause of death.

Is Ellie Soriano still alive?

Deceased (1947–2021) Eli Soriano/Living or Deceased

How many members does the United Church of God have?

7500 Armstrong. UCG calls itself The United Church of God, an International Association, with the last three words italicized .United Church of God.United Church of God, an International AssociationMembers7500+9 more rows

What faith is beyond today?

the United Church of God Beyond Today (formerly titled The Good News) is a free religious magazine published bimonthly by the United Church of God (UCG). Subscriptions and printing costs are covered by tithed donations from UCGs members and employees.

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