Question: How many amps does a swamp cooler use?

A swamp cooler needs a certain amount of electricity to do its job. It draws that amount from the voltage supply of a power line, but the actual amount taken is called AMPERES or AMPS. Bigger, stronger coolers need more -- perhaps up to 15 amps. Smaller coolers need less than 1 amp.

How much electricity do Swamp coolers use?

The swamp cooler requires far less electricity thereby saving money. For example, if electricity costs $0.15 per Kwh (Kilowatts per hour), it takes $1.13 per hour to operate an A/C system. Its only $0.26 per hour to run the cooler.

How many amps does a cooler use?

Since a constant 1 amp draw can run a cranking battery down dead overnight, and the power supply for those 40 quart coolers draws a maximum current of 5.25 amps and an average of a little more than 3 amps at 12 volts over the average 8 hour night, there ya go.

Do Evaporative coolers use a lot of electricity?

Ducted Evaporative Cooler Running Costs In this table we assume a 5-10kW system uses 413 watts an hour, a 10-15kWh system 734 watts, and a 15-20kW system 1,064 watts an hour. For a small unit, 5-10kW system may suffice, but a medium sized house is more likely to need 15-20kW.

Are swamp coolers bad for electronics?

Swamp type air coolers use evaporative cooling of water to remove heat . They will increase the humidity in the air. This humidity could condense on electronic circuit boards and cause malfunction.

How much water does an evaporative cooler use per hour?

Evaporative coolers use both electricity and water. How much water is used depends on the humidity of the day and the fan speed that the unit is set to operate on. A portable unit might use up to 4 litres per hour while a central system could use as much as 25 litres per hour.

Do you put water in an evaporative cooler?

Humidity is the Bane of Evaporation This is exactly what happens in an evaporative cooler. Water is pumped up and poured onto a specialized cooling pad that has warm air blown through it by a high-powered fan. The water absorbs the heat and evaporates and cool air gets blown out the other side.

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