Question: What WWE Diva is single?

7 Paige (In A Relationship) The couple always seemed to be embroiled in some sort of controversy. WWE was evidently not a fan of their relationship and, after a while, Paige obliged. Not long before her return to WWE in November 2017, Paige confirmed that she was single. It didnt last long, mind you.

Who is WWE diva Bayley dating?

27 Bayley Is Engaged To Aaron Solow A lot of WWE fans adore Bayley, and apparently, they arent the only ones. Fellow wrestler Aaron Solow is planning to marry her.

Who is Divas boyfriend?

WWE Diva Paige & Boyfriend Kevin Skaff: The Pictures You Need to See. After over a month away from the ring due to a filming a WWE original movie, WWEs raven-haired diva Paige returned last night on Monday Night RAW with a vengeance, and now she is targeting Divas Champion Nikki Bella.

Is Roman Reigns dating Bayley?

They were actually engaged to be married but as informed by Solow on Twitter, the two are no more together. They had different views over their future which seems to be the reason why the relationship is no more intact.

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