Question: Is it worth paying for Feeld?

If youre looking to explore things sexually, Feeld is a great way to get started. The relative anonymity takes away some of the intimidation that can put people off taking that first step. If youre in a relationship, it also allows you to link your profile to your significant others so everyone can see.

How do you connect with someone Feeld?

Feeld Help Center. How does Feeld work? To connect with someone on Feeld:View profiles in Discover by swiping left and right to browse.If you like someone and would like to connect with them, press (♡) in the bottom lefthand corner.If this person feels the same, your chat will be created in Connections.More items

How do I see who pinged me on Feeld?

Tap the orange Ping icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. Youll see a confirmation screen telling you the human will see your profile before others. Tap Yes. The Ping will be deducted from the Pings you have left.

What happens when you dislike someone on Feeld?

If you have disliked someone in Discover, but they like your profile, you will still see them in Who Likes You. This is to give you a second chance to connect with profiles that may not have caught your eye during first impressions.

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