Question: What happened to Liam and Danielle?

They split permanently in May 2013. In February 2016, Danielle confirmed she and Liam were still good friends, stating Yeah, we still support each other. Its nice. Its been three years now since we split up, so its been a long time.

Why did Liam and Danielle break up?

Danielle Peazer - 2010-2013 Both Danielle and Liam have remained close friends since their relationship - with rumours they were in contact again a few years back- which happened after they met on the X Factor. Its thought they broke up due to work commitments, her modelling and his touring.

Who did Danielle Peazer go out with?

YouTube star Danielle dated Liam for two years after they met when she was a dancer on The X Factor. She moved on with model and fitness enthusiast Joe Hunt, while Liam hooked up with Cheryl.

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