Question: What can I say instead of ghost?

How do you call someone who ghosted you?

Heres a useful ghost-call-out template that you can implement : “Hey, you should know that I feel hurt/disrespected/dismissed because you ghosted on me. The polite thing to do would have been to simply tell me that you werent interested in seeing me again. Leaving me or anyone wondering is worse.

Is there a nice way to ghost someone?

If you are going to ghost in a friendly manner, the best way to do that is to simply say one last time, It was good to meet you. Hope life treats you well, or something like that. Make sure it has a finality to it and does not invite further engagement.

What is ghosting narcissist?

Ghosting. Ghosting happens when someone suddenly stops communicating with you without warning. It can happen in any relationship but more typically in a dating scenario. The act of ghosting is a power move that someone with narcissistic personality disorder may use. There are many reasons why someone might ghost you.

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