Question: Who is Rachel Lester?

Rachel Lester (born 1 May 1977) was unemployed from Cardiff, Wales who auditioned for Series 4 of The X Factor UK. At her audition, Lester said she had been singing all her life, round the towns and everything. She did not pass the audition stage after singing Sugar Walls by Sheena Easton.

Who is Rachel from xfactor?

Rachel Lindsey Potter (born August 21, 1984) is an American singer and actress. She is most famously known for her performances on Broadway as Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family, the Mistress in the Tony nominated revival of Evita, and being a finalist on season 3 of the X-factor.

What did Rachel Lester say?

On the show Rachel claimed to be “better than Madonna” and said she could sing like Prince and Cyndi Lauper. But when she was told she had not been put through to the next round she shouted: “Bull***t!”

What happened to Rachel on Britains Got Talent?

Wooding is a 5 4 mezzo-soprano. She appeared on Britains Got Talent in 2016. For her audition, she sang With You from Ghost the Musical and in the semi-final she sang Gravity. Her semi-final performance led her to receiving fourth in the public vote and ultimately, being eliminated from the competition.

Whats your name Rachel What do you do for a living?

0:083:03X Factor - Worst Auditions (Evil Rachel) - YouTubeYouTube

Who won Britains Got Talent Season 11?

musician Tokio Myers The eleventh series was won by musician Tokio Myers, with magician Issy Simpson finishing in second place and comedian Daliso Chaponda in third place. During its broadcast, the series averaged around 9.1 million viewers.

How far did Aliki get on Britains Got Talent?

The internationally acclaimed young British/ Greek Soprano, Aliki Chrysochou, exploded onto the global music scene in 2013, after her success in the 7th season of Britains Got Talent.

What happened to Daryl Black?

Black, 37, who now lives in Sacramento, Calif., with his wife and five children, is the new lead singer of the Gap Experience, formerly the Gap Band. Black already has performed with the band in Los Angeles.

What do you do for a living nothing Im lazy?

0:553:45XFactor Worst EVER Audition - 2007 - Rachel - YouTubeYouTube

Who is the most successful AGT contestant?

Top 10 Most Successful Americas Got Talent Contestants#8: Jabbawockeez. #7: Grace VanderWaal. #6: Mat Franco. #5: Melissa Villaseñor. #4: Darci Lynne Farmer. #3: Lindsey Stirling. #2: Jackie Evancho. #1: Terry Fator. Terry Fator is a fascinating success story.More items

What place did Kyle Tomlinson?

The eleventh series was won by musician Tokio Myers, with magician Issy Simpson finishing in second place and comedian Daliso Chaponda in third place .Series overview.ParticipantKyle TomlinsonAge(s)15GenreSingingActSingerFromSheffield39 more columns

How old was Aliki vougiouklaki when she died?

62 years (1934–1996) Aliki Vougiouklaki/Age at death Vougiouklaki died in 1996 at the age of 62, just three months after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Aliki Vougiouklaki made her stage debut in a 1953 Athens production of Molières Le Malade imaginaire. Around the same time she made her movie debut in The Little Mouse (1954).

Who won Britains Got Talent in 2013?

Attraction The seventh series was won by shadow theatre troupe Attraction, the first foreign national participant to win the competition, with comedian Jack Carroll finishing in second place, and opera duo Richard & Adam placing third. During its broadcast, the series averaged around 10.4 million viewers.

Is Daryl Black married?

Daryl is also a certified marriage and family coach with a unique gift and speaks frequently across the country. Daryl is married to Tracy Black and they are the proud parents of 5 incredible children.

What is a nickname for Rachel?

Rachel (given name)OriginMeaningewe, one with purityOther namesNickname(s)Rae, RachRelated namesRachael, Rae, Rahel, Rahela, Raquel, Raye, Ruchel4 more rows

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