Question: How old is Lauren speed?

How old is Lauren and Cameron?

As Love Is Blind fans may recall, 29-year-old Cameron is a data science consultant, while 34-year-old Lauren owns and operates her own business, The Speed Brand. Put simply, theyre both very busy with their careers—so it hasnt exactly been easy working from home together amid the coronavirus pandemic.

How old is Lauren in Love Is Blind?

Lauren, 33, also tells the outlet about the strength of their relationship after the cameras stopped rolling.

How old is Amber Barnett?

How old are Amber Pike and Matt Barnett from Love Is Blind? What are their ages? Because Amber mentioned her fears about ultimately having a high-risk pregnancy, some viewers wondered if she was referring to her age. Amber was born in April 1992, and she is currently 29 years old.

Are Lauren and Cameron still together?

Love Is Blind stars Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed fell in love in three days without ever having seen each other. Two days later, they were engaged. Its now been two and a half years since their wedding on Netflixs reality dating show, and the couple is still together.

Does Barnett and Amber married?

Amber Pike and Matt Barnett According to the source, theyre still together and very happily married.

How much older is Jessica than Mark?

But conversation quickly turned to the fact that Jessica is 34, and Mark is 24.

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