Question: Is Karachi safe to live in?

Karachi. Karachi has seen an improvement in the overall security situation in recent years. However, the city is still prone to high levels of violence, and the safety of daily activity can be unpredictable. Criminal and political violence is also common including armed carjacking, robbery, kidnap and murder.

How dangerous is Karachi?

Despite being home to a large expat community, the largest city in Pakistan is a well-known place for its violent crime. In fact, Karachi has one of the highest crime rates in the whole of Asia. However, in the last couple of years, the situation has relatively improved but crime can still happen.

Is Karachi safer than Lahore?

In mid-2019, Lahores position improved to 202 and Karachis to 71. Crime rate in Karachi below that of many first world cities: DG ISPR. The survey further revealed that Karachi has improved its ranking almost 11 times more since 2014, while Lahores improvement tripled.

Who is the dangerous city in Pakistan?

By City in PakistanRankCityCrime Index1Karachi53.352Rawalpindi49.493Lahore39.064Islamabad29.61

What is the biggest crime in Pakistan?

Among other general crimes, it includes major crimes such as murder, rape, gang rape, sexual abuse of a minor, kidnapping, armed robbery, burglary and carjacking. For example, in the city of Lahore 379 murders, 500 attempted murders, 2,650 abductions and 55 rapes have occurred in 2019.

Which city has highest crime rate in Pakistan?

Karachi By City in PakistanRankCityCrime Index1Karachi53.352Rawalpindi49.493Lahore39.064Islamabad29.51

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