Question: Is it okay to not want to be in a relationship anymore?

Is it okay to not want a relationship anymore?

This is completely normal and even healthy. If you dont feel like you need or want a partner, you are justified in that decision. You may in a place where you are focused on your career, or you are focusing on bettering yourself. If you are happy, then stay single for as long as you want.

How do I know when I dont want to be in a relationship anymore?

8 Signs Your Heart Isnt In The Relationship AnymoreYour Curiosity Is Starting To Fade. You Dont Call Them First. You Daydream About Being Single. Youre Making Plans Without Them. You Dont Want Them Touching Your Things. Youre Less Impacted By Their Emotions. You Cant Stop Rolling Your Eyes.More items •Mar 13, 2017

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