Question: Who is the owner of Kerala matrimony?

Murugavel Janakiraman, Founder & MD, BharatMatrimony.

Who is founder of matrimony?

Murugavel Janakiraman BharatMatrimony/Founders

Is Bharat Matrimony and Kerala matrimony same?

KeralaMatrimony is a part of BharatMatrimony, Indias No. 1 and the pioneer of online matrimonial service platform which holds the Limca Book of Records for achieving the highest number of documented marriages online.

How good is Kerala matrimony?

Indian marriage seekers should definitely try out Kerala Matrimony. Its unique features come in a combination of free and paid package that new members will surely love. The site also has great customer support which means that the site is well-maintained. It also doesnt have fake accounts so dating here is safe.

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