Question: What to expect in a relationship with a Taurus?

What should I know about dating a Taurus?

10 Things You Should Know Before Dating a TaurusTheyre grounded. Theyre sensual AF. They have an appreciation for art. Theyre homebodies. Theyre in no rush at all. They struggle to go with the flow. Theyre up for a challenge — especially if pays off.More items •May 10, 2016

What Taurus hates in a relationship?

1. Being Stubborn About Their Desires. Stubbornness is one of the most stereotypical Taurus qualities, but when it comes to relationships, the stereotype is usually true! Compromise can be challenging for a Taurus, but finding a balance between two peoples individual desires is a must in any healthy relationship.

What can I expect from a Taurus boyfriend?

Because Taurus is so naturally sensual and slow-paced, you can expect a LOT of foreplay. Sex is always a long process with him, but youre never left bored or unsatisfied. He cant help it, he likes things nice and slow, but hell make sure youre feelin good the whole damn time.

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