Question: How old was Romeo?

Romeos age is never given, but since he carries a sword, it can be assumed that he is not younger than Juliets thirteen years. It is much more likely that, given his immature responses to problematic events in the play, that he is probably about sixteen or seventeen years old.

How old was Romeo and Juliet when they fell in love?

A 13-year-old girl, Juliet is the only daughter of the patriarch of the House of Capulet. She falls in love with the male protagonist Romeo, a member of the House of Montague, with which the Capulets have a blood feud.

How old were Romeo and Juliet when they got married in the play?

Romeos age isnt implicitly stated in the play, but its assumed he is just a bit older - perhaps fifteen years old. Their youthfulness may explain some of their hasty decision-making. They were married, secretly; only Friar Laurence and the Nurse are in that loop. They marry in Act II, Scene 6.

At what age Juliet died?

Time in Shakespeare plays tends to a bit flexible, but I estimate the action up to the point of Juliets death to be somewhere around a week, making her still just under 14 at the end.

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