Question: Whats the difference between Griswold and Erie cast iron?

Pre Griswold is a term used for Erie skillets. Erie cast iron is sometimes described as Pre Griswold. Griswold Manufacturing Company made Erie cast iron cookware. However, the Erie logo was used before Griswold started to place their company name on their cookware.

Who made Erie cast iron?

Griswold Manufacturing Company or its predecessor, Seldon and Griswold Manufacturing Company, produced “ERIE” skillets for 27 years from c. 1880 to c. 1907. Along the way there were significant changes made to the skillets.

Do they still make Griswold cast iron?

For many years the company had a world-wide reputation for high-quality cast-iron cookware. Today, Griswold pieces are collectors items .Griswold Manufacturing.IndustryCast-iron cookwareFateAcquiredSuccessorMcGraw-EdisonHeadquartersErie, Pennsylvania , United States4 more rows

Do they still make Wagner cast-iron?

The Wagner Manufacturing Company was a family-owned manufacturer of cast iron and aluminum products based in Sidney, Ohio, US. The purchasers of the company in 1952 continued the brand, and Wagner products are still manufactured today. The original items are prized by collectors.

Is it OK to boil water in cast iron?

No, boil water in it to loosen up caked-on bits. Its unhealthy to cook with cast iron!

Does boiling water in cast iron Remove seasoning?

When you have water at a constant boil in seasoned cast iron, the boiling causes the seasoning to release. This can leave patchy seasoning or an uneven layer of seasoning left on your cast iron. Thats because the seasoning has flaked off while boiling.

Are cast iron teapots safe?

But Are cast iron teapots healthy? Yes, they do offer some health benefits. The natural rust that the teapots develop over time is totally safe for consumption. Even many recipes in Japan use rust from nails to add color to the meals.

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