Question: Is there a vegan tinder?

The all-new vegan dating app Veg has launched in the Apple Store to help make it easier for vegans to meet potential like-minded partners. A Tinder-style dating app which includes many of Tinders popular features, but made for vegetarians and vegans looking for fellow veggies, has launched in the Apple Store.

What does plant-based mean tinder?

Tinder has introduced a new in-app Plant-Based Passion to help environmentally-conscious singles celebrate Earth Day on 22nd April. The new update connects daters over their love of the environment, green energy, and plant-based lifestyles, and matches them with others with similar interests.

What does passions mean on tinder?

Interests feature The Interests feature (also known as Passions in some locations) allows you to select your favorite pastimes and share them on your profile. Interests are a great way to connect with potential matches and get the conversation started.

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