Question: When did Lauren Date Doug?

Did Stephanie date Doug?

8 Stephanie: When She Dates Doug Stephanie and Lauren were just getting into the groove of things and becoming good friends when Stephanie decided to cause some drama and get involved with Doug, a guy that Lauren was casually dating at the time. Stephanie continued to see Doug even if that meant upsetting Lauren.

How old was Lauren Conrad when she got engaged?

Ten years later we were set up on a blind date.” Conrad and Tell, who was in a band called Something Corporate from 2001 to 2004, met up for their first date on Valentines Day in 2012. The Paper Crown designer, 30, and law school graduate, 36, got engaged in October 2013 after more than a year of dating.

Who did Lauren Conrad date on The Hills?

actor Kyle Howard Personal life. In 2008, Conrad began dating actor Kyle Howard. Howard expressed concern that appearing on reality television would interfere with his acting career; consequently, their relationship was not documented on The Hills. After three years together, Conrad and Howard ended their relationship in 2011.

Who did Doug Reinhardt date?

In 2013, he got engaged to Allie Lutz, who was featured on The Hills. He became a father in 2019 when he had identical twin boys namedMaverick Reinhardt and Beau Reinhardt with fiancé Mia Irons.

Why do Spencer and Stephanie not get along?

Spencer Pratts feud with his sister, Stephanie Pratt, dates back to the siblings tumultuous time as costars on The Hills. Shortly after the nuptials, Stephanie claimed that her brother and her sister-in-law did not want her involved in their lives. (The couple welcomed son Gunner in October 2017.)

Did Stephanie and Brody date?

Per PopSugar, in 2013, she told Bethenny Frankel on her talk show, I dated Brody when I was 18 right after Laguna Beach and thats it. On [The Hills], they had us dating for a few episodes.

Who does LC date on the hills?

1 of 8 Lauren Conrad Wedding bells rang for L.C. when she tied the knot with law school grad William Tell — whom she began dating in 2012 — on Sept. 13, 2014. Everyone is so happy for her.

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