Question: Does bear still make recurve bows?

Does bear still make bows?

2021 LEGIT RTH Meet the Bear Archery Legit – this compound bow is made to legitimately fit all ages and skill levels.

Are Bear recurve bows any good?

Yes, the bow produces a very quiet shot and offers excellent accuracy. You could better strings to get less vibration but the trade off for this is more noise, so I personally wouldnt. Its weather resistant so perfect for outdoors shooting. There are draw weights of over 40 lbs, so powerful enough to hunt.

Is bear a good bow brand?

I definitely think Bear is back to being a top of the line bow again. The Anarchy I shot last year was very nice with great fit and finish. If the grip would have been better I might have owned one. I for one am glad that Bear is bag near the top again.

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