Question: How old is the Master Chief?

Does the Master Chief have PTSD?

2 His Probably Untreated PTSD.

Is the Master Chief Black?

According to canon hes white but obviously he has to black if hes that badass.

Who SPARTAN 119?

Spartan 119, Michael Stone, is one of the last remaining SPARTAN II Commandos in service. A decorated war hero, Michael fought for the UNSC during the last days of the First Insurrection and the entirety of the Human-Covenant War.

Can a Spartan 4 beat a Spartan 2?

An average SPARTAN-IV in GEN2 Mjolnir Armor can fight on par with an average SPARTAN-II in GEN1 Mjolnir due to the GEN2 armor being more advanced. There were a small fraction of SPARTAN-IVs active before the end of the Human-Covenant war.

Is the Master Chief a virgin?

Master Chief is, at heart, an avatar for you, the gamer. So yeah, hes a virgin that plays Halo all day.

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