Question: Why did Bear Archery move to Florida?

Bear had expressed a desire to move his small business to the Grayling area, where raw materials would be closer at hand and a readily accessible market for his bowhunting equipment could be found. It is only a matter of passing interest that the location on the Au Sable provided excellent fishing and hunting.

What year did Bear Archery move to Florida?

1978 Bear Archery was not one of the first compound bow manufacturers, but eventually found success with early models like the Whitetail Hunter. Bear Archery moved manufacturing from Michigan to Gainesville, Florida in 1978.

Why is Fred Bear important to the archery community?

Although he didnt start bow hunting until he was 29 and did not master the skill for many years, he is widely regarded as a pioneer in the bow-hunting community. Bear was a world traveler, film producer, and the founder of Bear Archery, an outdoor company that still exists.

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