Question: What US city has the most Chinese?

New York City is home to the largest Chinese-American population of any city proper, with over half a million.

Which US state has the most Chinese?

state of Hawaii The state of Hawaii has the highest concentration of Chinese Americans at 4.0%, or 55,000 people.

Where do Japanese live in USA?

Top 10 U.S. metropolitan areas by Japanese population, 2019Metro areaJapanese populationLos Angeles177,000San Francisco66,000New York56,000Seattle53,0006 more rows•Apr 29, 2021

Where do Japanese live in the United States?

About 60% of the 773,714 pure Japanese American population lives in two states, California (36%; 272,528) and Hawaii (24%; 185,502).

Which US state has the largest Japanese population?

Southern California Southern California has the largest Japanese American population in North America and the city of Gardena holds the densest Japanese American population in the 48 contiguous states.

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