Question: What does the term cushioning mean in dating?

Cushioning, however, according to the Urban Dictionary, is defined as being in a relationship or seriously dating someone, yet also keeping around several cushions—aka people you text, flirt with, or even date—to cushion the blow if your main relationship doesnt last.

What is caking in a relationship?

To cake. The act of flirting with cake on it (not literally) Caking is when youre extra sweet to someone youre really interested in. Youre always texting them sweet nothings, and the attention is undivided. Caking.

What is meaning of Cusion?

a relative who has descended from one of ones common ancestors. A persons second cousin is the child of one of his parents first cousins. A persons third cousin is the child of one of his parents second cousins. A first cousin once removed (or loosely second cousin) is the child of ones first cousin.

What is the white stuff in packaging?

The foam that you formerly knew as styrofoam is actually expanded polystyrene foam or EPS. This material is made from polystyrene, a plastic thats often used to make clear products like food packaging or lab equipment.

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