Question: Does tinder work on proximity?

On Tinder, the app doesnt ask for much from you as a member. Aside from your current location and gender, its just your age, distance and gender preferences to start. Proximity is a key factor; its always fun when you meet someone in your neighborhood because you share a community.

How far away does Tinder work?

The default is 50 miles. If youre in a major city, you might want to reduce it to 15 miles; choose a longer distance if you live in a less populated area.

Is distance on Tinder accurate?

While you may see distances mentioned in Tinder, they are not accurate. This is because the distance isnt a factor in how Tinder works, it primarily uses the devices built-in location service.

Can you match with someone far away on Tinder?

Only Tinder subscribers can change their location. Discovery Settings - We may sometimes surface potential matches that fall slightly outside of your preferences. Although theyre a bit farther away, we hope you agree theyre worth the exception.

Does Tinder show the closest?

Tinder shows your distance to you match. After you see that, draw a circle on a map where you are in the center, and a radius of that much km. Then drive some distance.

How far is too far for a Tinder date?

When dating through apps or online, the limit on love is 30 miles or less. Two-thirds of people say theyd set a dating app or sites location radius for matches at 30 miles or closer.

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