Question: How do I know if my Neighbour is a drug dealer?

What should I do if I think my neighbors are dealing drugs UK?

Report online or call 101 if you want to report a minor crime or incident, such as:a stolen damage.a civil dispute.if you suspect drug use or dealing in your share information about possible criminal activity in your area.antisocial behaviour.non-urgent enquiries.

What does a blue porch light mean drugs?

cocaine The system is a combination of different colored lights and Morse-code-like flashes. “Red means the police are coming, blue is for cocaine, and green is for weed,” says one Virginia man, a former drug dealer who now buys drugs there.

What does an orange porch light mean?

Orange porch lights send message of support to Delphi victim families, investigators. At sunset in Delphi, orange lights were seen burning on porches all around, intended as a sign of support for police.

What does a green porch light mean?

Green Porch Light Meaning Veterans Day is honored every November 11th by the US residents. Some may even keep their green lights on all month. In March, the green porch lights typically represent St. Patricks Day. Green may also make a reappearance two months later in the month of May for Lyme Disease Awareness.

Can I get in trouble if my boyfriend sells drugs?

If someone you were living with was selling drugs and you financed his or her operation, you can be arrested for a conspiracy to sell drugs. Whether you intended to commit a crime is irrelevant.

What do I do if I find drugs in my childs room?

If you discover your child is taking drugs, its important you stay calm, talk to them and reassure them. You should: let them explain in their own words what theyve done. avoid asking them why theyve taken drugs as it will make them defensive.

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