Question: How do I meet singles in Boston?

Is Boston a good city for singles?

The site reports a whopping 66 percent of Boston residents are single, making it potentially the best city in the country to find love! According to the the recently released 2017 results of Match.coms Single in America Survey, 64% of people meet at bars, 43% meet at the Laundromat, and 42% at the gym.

Where do 30 year olds go out in Boston?

Bostons Best Nightlife For 30-Somethings(Image: Whiskey Saigon) Whisky Saigon. 116 Boylston St. (Image: City Bar) City Bar. 65 Exeter St. (Image: The Hawthorne) The Hawthorne. Hotel Commonwealth. (Image: Bond Restaurant & Lounge) Bond Restaurant & Lounge. 250 Franklin St. (Image: 6B Lounge) 6B Lounge. 6B Beacon St.Feb 19, 2015

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