Question: Does Knoxville have nightlife?

Knoxvilles nightlife scene offers a variety of diverse and eclectic offerings. Whether youre in search of a quiet speakeasy, a live music venue or something in between, Knoxville can more than satisfy.

Does Knoxville have a good nightlife?

But Knoxville is more than just an exit city, a forlorned melting pot of hipsters and jazzy coffee shops. Knoxville is beautiful in its entirety with a nightlife scene Id take over Nashvilles any day.

What is there to do in Knoxville at night?

10 Date Night Ideas in KnoxvilleKnoxville Botanical Garden and Arboretum. The Knoxville Botanical Gardens are located on the historic Howell Nurseries. Sunsphere/Worlds Fair Park. Market Square. First Fridays. Ijams Nature Center. Knox Mason. Suttrees High Gravity Tavern. Knoxville Museum of Art.More items

Is Nashville or Knoxville better?

When it comes to Knoxville and Nashville, theres no denying that the population increase and economic boom of Nashville has created a massive surge in the housing market that makes any comparison obviously lopsided. Winner: Knoxville has the edge in affordability. Knoxville bests Nashville in overall affordability.

Does Knoxville have a downtown?

Downtown Knoxville CBID Visit for a day, plan a weekend, or stay for a lifetime. Downtown is the place to be for outdoor dining.

Is Knoxville close to Nashville?

A: Knoxville is about 180 miles from Nashville when traveling along I-40. It takes approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes to travel between the two cities along the most direct route.

How many breweries are in Knoxville TN?

Today, Knoxvilles ale trail consists of nearly 20 breweries.

Is downtown Knoxville safe?

According to the website, Knoxville gets good grades in every category except crime. According to their stats, we have roughly twice as much crime in most categories as other cities.

Is Knoxville a safe city?

With a crime rate of 51 per one thousand residents, Knoxville has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes - from the smallest towns to the very largest cities. Ones chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime here is one in 19.

What beer is Tennessee known for?

With so many incredible Tennessee craft beers, we have found the most popular and visited Tennessee breweries are: Bearded Iris Brewing, Blackberry Farm Brewery, Jackalope Brewing, Tennessee Brew Works, Wiseacre Brewing, and Yazoo Brewing.

Is Tennents a beer?

Tennents Lager is Scotlands best-selling pale lager, with approximately 60% of the Scottish lager market. The lager was first brewed in 1885 by Hugh Tennent and in 1893 it won the highest award at the Chicago Worlds Fair. Tennents Lager is certified by the Vegetarian Society as being suitable for vegetarians.

What is the racial makeup of Knoxville TN?

Knoxville Demographics White: 76.13% Black or African American: 16.98% Two or more races: 3.07% Asian: 1.77%

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