Question: What is Feeldco?

Feeld (previously called 3nder) is a location-based online dating application for iOS and Android that facilitates communication between people interested in casual sex, polyamory, kink, swinging, and other alternative sexual preferences such as more than one partner at once.

Is Feeld majestic worth it?

Without high-quality profiles and photos, dating apps arent much good to anyone. Thankfully, the quality of both on Feeld was very high. Of the hundreds of profiles I looked at, only five of them were low quality. In terms of attractive people, I was also pleasantly surprised, to be honest.

How can I feel more likes?

Make sure youre hitting Like (+) on the profiles that youre interested in. The more people you like, the more chances youll have to connect with other humans. If youre not a Majestic member, you can like up to 50 profiles on a 24-hour period.

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