Question: What are the Olsen twins up to now?

What disease do the Olsen twins have?

Ashley Olsen diagnosed with Lyme Disease just weeks after Avril Lavigne.

Why do the Olsen twins look so different now?

But theyre actually fraternal twins which helps explain their physical differences now. In 2014, photos of Mary-Kate looking drastically different caused many followers to assume shed undergone plastic surgery. Rian Maercks (who has not treated Mary-Kate) told the publication.

What became of the Olsen twins?

While Mary-Kate Olsen got married and seemingly found her forever love (more on that later), her sister, Ashley Olsen, was still looking for a while. However, in 2017, she was linked to an artist named Louis Eisner, and theyve reportedly been happy together ever since.

Is one of the Olsen twins anorexia?

Later that year, Mary-Kate was checked into rehabilitation for an anorexia nervosa. An advertisement for Got Milk? featuring the twins was pulled following the announcement, and she didnt star in another film until 2006.

Why do the Olsen twins never smile?

Mary-Kate and Ashley are known for their serious faces on the red carpet — but there is a good explanation as to why the the 31-year-olds might not want to smile in public. According to Mary-Kate, they get scared and anxious in front of the cameras, and even squeeze each others hands to calm each other down.

Which Olsen twin has bigger eyes?

Mary-Kate has wider eyes and thinner lips than her two-minute-older twin.

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