Question: When to tell someone you have social phobia?

Should I tell someone that I have social anxiety?

It can be difficult to know when and how to disclose social anxiety while dating. Nonetheless, its always better to say something. If you dont tell potential partners about social phobias regarding certain situations, they might assume you dont want to spend time together or become closer.

Can introverts have social anxiety?

While research suggests social anxiety may be somewhat more common in introverted people, theres still a lot of variability in individual personality traits. If youre more conscientious, you might feel anxious about missing important details or giving an impression of unreliability.

Do people with social anxiety cheat?

The non-anxious students made an average of 19 “clear cheats,” whereas the anxious ramped this up to 24. The more threatened the anxious felt, the more they cheated.

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