Question: What does jigar mean in Farsi?

But jigar, the Persian word for liver, is a Persian word of endearment.

What do Iranians call their grandmas?

jaddeh or niA = formal, in literary or historical or such formal text .Farsi (Persian) translation: mAmAn bozorg.English term or phrase:grandmotherFarsi (Persian) translation:mAmAn bozorgEntered by:MollanazarFeb 25, 2002

What does Khoshgel mean in Farsi?

Khoshgel is usually used to describe a female and means beautiful. Khoshtip is basically used to describe a man and means handsome.

What does Madar Jan mean?

Pegah jan (informal form is joon) means dear in persian, and is used in persian more than dear is used in English language.

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