Question: Do ENTPs care about looks?

ENFPs may not be obsessed with their physical appearance, but they often take time to make themselves look nice. ENFPs will not obsessed over what other people think of them, and will likely spend time looking good for their own enjoyment. ENFPs dont NEED to look good, but they do like to make themselves look nice.

What do ENTPs care about?

ENTPs actually do care deeply about their loved ones, and for them their focus of emotions is often outward. ENTPs want to improve themselves constantly, but they also care about making a difference for the people around them.

Who do ENTPs find attractive?

ENTPs are often very attracted to a quiet confidence, not someone who is boastful but someone who holds themselves with a sense of inner strength. A person who doesnt seem to constantly turn to others for reassurance, is likely to draw in the attention and affection of the ENTP.

Are ENTPs shallow?

Never feeling connected or free to share ideas with another person can make the ENTP feel like their life is shallow and meaningless. ENTPs have great ambitions and innovative ideas that they long to see come to life. They pride themselves on having unique conceptual insights and independent ways of viewing the world.

What type of people do ENTPs like?

ENTPs are typically friendly and often charming. They usually want to be seen as clever and may try to impress others with their quick wit and incisive humor. They are curious about the world around them, and want to know how things work.

Why are ENTPs so weird?

ENTPs can certainly be labelled as weird or strange, especially when they are younger. They dont much care about conforming to society and their expectations, and might even enjoy challenging these things. ENTPs have a hard time taking anything for face value and want to analyze and challenge what they see.

Are ENTPs capable of love?

ENTPs are just as capable of falling in love and experiencing love as any other personality type, they just do this a bit differently. For the ENTP most things come with a healthy dose of facts and logic, even when it comes to the process of falling in love.

Do ENTPs do ghost people?

ENTPs will ghost people if they feel like the emotional drama and strain is just not worth their time or energy. They dont feel comfortable with intense emotional situations, and so sometimes ghosting can feel like a better choice than having to deal with this.

What makes ENTPs happy?

ENTPs are happiest when they have special people who they feel close to, people who see them for who they truly are. They need the ability to make these moves and continue on a path towards the future they want, in order to really feel like they are doing the right things for themselves.

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