Question: Is the secret benefits dating site really safe?

Is Secret benefits a safe website?

I would never, ever, recommend that anyone use this site. Unless you want to look into it for a social experiment or marketing research on what NOT to do, avoid at all costs. The women are not quality sugar babies; theyre rude and flakey, and a ton of the profiles on the site are staff or bots.

Are secret benefits good?

Secret Benefits has a consumer rating of 4.2 stars from 301 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with Secret Benefits most frequently mention sugar baby, customer service and nice guys. Secret Benefits ranks 378th among Dating sites.

What are US Secret benefits?

Secret Benefits is an online dating site for wealthy men seeking companionship from those who enjoy the perks of a luxury lifestyle. Every month millions of people access the service making one of the most popular serving the sugar daddy arrangements niche.

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