Question: What happened Ryan Devlin?

What happened to Ryan Devlin Are you the one?

After six seasons at the helm, Ryan Devlin is not hosting the program this time around. After six seasons of leading “Are You the One?” Terrence said he didnt exactly get a “blessing” from Devlin to take over, but he also had nothing but kind words to say about his past performance.

Who did Ryan Devlin marry?

Kara Holdenm. 2009 Ryan Devlin/Spouse

What happened to Are you the one?

Season 8 ended in 2019, and there hasnt been any news of a new season since then. According to Cinemaholic, if there was going to be a season 9, it likely wouldve premiered in June 2020. Given what Hammer alleges now, it might be in MTVs best interest to do away with the show completely.

What was Ryan Devlin in?

Ryan Patrick Devlin (born June 5, 1980) is an American actor. He is known for his recurring roles in the television series Brothers & Sisters, Cougar Town, Veronica Mars, Big Shots, Jane the Virgin and Greys Anatomy.

Who does Ryan Devlin play in Jane the Virgin?

Billy Cordero Character(s) Ryan Devlin is an American actor, writer and producer. Devlin portrays Billy Cordero on Jane the Virgin.

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