Question: Who is Casper Smart having a fling with?

Jennifer Lopezs ex-beau Casper Smart confirms relationship with Bre Tiesi. Casper Smart, who dated Jennifer Lopez for five years until they split in 2016, is dating with Johnny Manziels ex-wife Bre Tiesi.

Does Casper Smart still dance with JLO?

Casper Smart first met Jennifer Lopez in 2011 when he was hired as one of her backup dancers. They developed a relationship that was on-and-off that lasted five years and ended in 2016.

Whats Casper Smart doing now?

Smart is currently a judge on Univisions Mira Quién Baila (the Latin version of Dancing with the Stars).

How long did Jennifer Lopez Date Casper Smart?

Lopez dated Casper Smart, who was 17 years her junior, for two and a half years. “It was really professional for a very long time before anything even happened,” Smart said in 2012.

Who dated Casper?

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart The two dated on and off until August 2016.

How Old Is Casper Smart?

34 years (April 6, 1987) Casper Smart/Age

Was Casper a boy or girl?

According to the film, Casper was a twelve-year-old boy living in Whipstaff Manor with his inventor father J.T. McFadden until he died from pneumonia after playing out in the cold until it was past nightfall.

Is Casper a true story?

While the original comics never gave Casper a real origin story (he was born a ghost to ghost parents), the movie decided to give him a tragic backstory: he died of pneumonia when he was a young boy due to the cold weather, leaving his father devastated.

Is Casper a good dog name?

Casper is a popular moniker in the dog world; Casper the friendly dog is one example. Casper, a Great Pyrenees, has 3 legs and despite his condition and a few changes in his forever home status, remains friendly and smiling.

Are JLO and Ben together?

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck first started dating in 2002, then broke up after a brief engagement. This summer found both celebrities newly (and briefly) single, and — as photos of kisses at restaurants, on yachts and on J. Los own Instagram confirmed — passionately reunited.

Who kissed JLO?

Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez has celebrated her 52nd birthday by sharing a steamy kiss with Ben Affleck. The singer shared a series of pictures on Instagram of herself posing on a yacht, but the final picture on the slideshow was Ben and Jen wrapped in each others arms and kissing.

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