Question: How did Becky G meet her boyfriend?

Both Becky G and Sebastian Lletget hail from California, but the two didnt meet by running into each other on the street. Actor Naomi Scott, whose husband played soccer with Lletget, introduced Becky G to the midfielder.

Who is Becky G boyfriend 2021?

Becky G appears to be Sebastian Lletgets biggest fan as the Los Angeles Galaxy take on Inter Miami on April 18, 2021. During the 2019 Latin American Music Awards, Becky G had the support of her longtime boyfriend Sebastian.

How is Becky G boyfriend?

Currently, she is with her longtime boyfriend and professional soccer player, Sebastian Lletget.

When did Becky G and Austin Mahone date?

The duo, who had reportedly been dating since 2013, called it quits in November of last year. In a seeming allusion to the news, Cabello took to Twitter the same day Mahone made the announcement saying, “Damn … good to know.”

Is Becky G Selena Gomezs sister? Though they have the same last name, the stars are not related. Becky, whose full name is Rebbeca Gomez and Selena are also both of Mexican descent.

How long has Becky G been dating her boyfriend?

In 2020, singer-songwriter Becky G told the Los Angeles Times, that the two had been together for four years, but just who is this beau? Well, for starters, his name is Sebastian Lletget, and hes an American soccer player whos been a LA Galaxy midfielder since 2015.

Is Becky G boyfriend Mexican?

4) He is of Argentine descent. Both of his parents are from Argentina. 5) Lletget signed his first professional contract with West Ham in September 2010.

Is Karol G single?

But Anuel AA and Karol Gs split is nothing new. The ex couple just managed to keep it under the radar. On Instagram Live Tuesday, Anuel confirmed his relationship status as single.

Did Becky G break up with Austin?

Austin Mahone and Becky G have called it quits. We actually kinda broke up a few days ago, just cause were so busy traveling and all that, Austin told Entertainment Tonight. We thought it was just kinda best if we just chill for a second, but were still super close. Were close friends.

How old is Sebastian Becky G boyfriend?

And although many of them are short-lived, national team midfielder Sebastian Lletget, 28, second on the Galaxy in both goals and assists heading into Sundays match with Vancouver, and Becky G, 23, an award-winning pop star and actress, have managed to make theirs work.

Who is bad bunnys girlfriend?

Gabriela Berlingeri Every artist needs their muse, and for reggaeton star Bad Bunny, his inspiration lies in his girlfriend, Puerto Rican model Gabriela Berlingeri.

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