Question: Is online dating based on looks?

Most people swipe right on dating apps based solely on looks and race, with the majority of decisions made in less than a SECOND, study finds. Users of dating apps such as Tinder, OKCupid and swipe left or right based on attractiveness and race, a new study reveals.

How much of dating is looks?

For almost 70% of girls look dont matter at all and the rest of 30% are either infatuated by looks or just want to showoff. Thinking practically looks are just a factor to us but if a girl is thinking of settling down with you forever then she looks for all the other factors first.

Is physical attraction more important than personality?

People believe personality is more important than physical attraction in a relationship, research thatll make you feel warm and fuzzy has found. Although globally overall each country voted personality as the most important relationship factor, women voted for this in higher numbers than men.

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